“You can all go to hell…I’m going to Texas”

DB Reese

Ah the everlasting words of a great American and hero to millions. The sentiments of the Great Davy Crockett ring more true today than they ever did in 1836.

I have heard the pundits, I have heard the so-called experts, what I haven’t heard is the voice of the “normal joe” and that voice says to hell with you all, I’m going (back) to Texas.

DB you seem a little distraught. What gives man?

Hey you know what, I’m glad that you asked. What is my deal? The beef as it were. I have heard the pundits and I am sick from the toxins they spew. Of course this is about the happenings, the goings on in the wonderful Mid East. Those of you who have had more than your fair share of Mid East conflict then I suggest that you just leave me your comments of agreement and wander on to another site.

I am sick to death about how America isn’t the perennial power house that it once claimed to be. I have had it up to my eye balls with those who would compare our endeavours to that of the Russians with regards to Afghanistan. I’m on my death bed with those who say that Iraq is more than another Vietnam- it is the nail in the coffin of the once great civilization known the world over as AMERICA.

This is what I know- as a military man myself it would not be prudent nor dare I say beneficial to the country for me, myself, and I to try and write a bill that would potentially effect millions of people. It is common sense, I am neither a politician(which doesn’t mean much educationally) or a lawyer (which means less when you consider the clientele). But, what I am is a normal- yes I know some say above normal, human being with at least some amount of common sense. That being said; How freaking much common sense does it take to let the people who’s job it is to fight, fight? I mean would you go to the mechanic with a car problem and tell him how to fix the car? The military is the same way. Think of us as a mechanic, move back away from the car, as a matter of fact just leave the shop-we’ll call you when the job is done.

I hear about how even the Great Alexander had problems in the region known as Afghanistan, not to mention the mighty Russians. How the US forces there made a mistake about not getting in and getting out. How the US is inept for staying in a region such as Iraq without having a plan to deal with not only the insurgents but also neighboring Iran.

You know what? Screw all the wanna be comfy couch side line generals. All of them. From congressional members to cable news generals. How hard is it to prosecute a conflict when you have the following;

Political Correctness police up your ass saying that you must treat whatever prisoners you hold better than the criminals that you have in your own country, or for that matter, better than the people in your own country.

You must make sure that before you move any of your forces around that it is approved by a bunch of suits sitting behind a desk. Hey just remember that MacArthur wanted to drive not only the Russians out of Germany after WWII but also the Chinese out of Korea- he was fired. Can’t have logical thinking in government can we?

You must fix anything that you blow up, AND anything else that needs fixing whether you blew it up or not.

You must let the media dictate to you how you must act so that you are perceived as less than you really are. While they rail on you back home with outlandish claims of ineptitude.

You are forced to drag out the battle (war) for sake of appearing sympathetic to those you are fighting who may appear weaker than you. God forbid we actually are stronger than anyone, can’t have an opposing force with low self esteem.

I am going on a tirade now so let me some this up. Are you on the battlefield? This question is not only for the congress or the politicians, but for the general populous as well. If not, how about you do me the fine courtesy of shutting the hell up. You don’t know what it is like, you don’t know what is going on……But DB we saw on the news…so we do know whats going on. Oh give me a freaking break! You saw on the news what people wanted you to see on the news. Tell me has it been reported on the news that in Iraq Iraqi’s control over 87% of everything and rising everyday! Did you hear that on the news? No? Then shut up cause you know jack!

Did you know that all of this crap would be over if the left, and yes I’m talking about all you crazy communist Democrats, would have just let the military do its damn job. Oh but no… can’t have that can we? Someone always has to look like they are relevant. Can you guess whats going through my mind right now? DEMOCRATS YOU ARE NOT RELEVANT TO THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF THIS COUNTRY. DEMOCRATS YOU WEAKEN A COUNTRY WITH YOUR STUPID IDEALS ON HOW YOU THINK A WAR SHOULD BE FOUGHT!!! THIS IS NOT PRETEND CLASSROOM SCENARIO, THIS IS REAL,  PEOPLES LIVES ARE IN THE BALANCE, AND YOU ARE KILLING THEM.

Iraq and Afghanistan would both be over and done with had we (the US) not had to worry about perception, both in the US and the world. Get in, topple who ever, and get the hell out. Done, period, put a fork in it and serve it up. But no- we had to do this, and do that….can’t go out and fight on Saturday because it is their religious day. Can’t shoot into a mosque even though they are shooting from it because it will seem as though we are in a holy war with Muslims. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS KILLS. You have seen the “This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.” Well this is you country’s military strong, mighty, and more than capable. This is your country’s military on Democratism- weak, inept, and world laughing stock. Is the world laughing because we are weak? No they are laughing because the politicians who think they know more than a general about how to fight a war, keep trying to put their 3 cents in. Demanding that a war be fought this way or that. Screw the politicians, why not they’re screwing you.

You really want to know what is wrong with this country? If you are a Democrat then I suggest that you take a long hard look in the freaking mirror- you’re the problem…… and your little dog too(the liberal media). How many people will you try to kill tomorrow? 

Signed one pissed off Combat Medic- oh yeah, a Texan at that- to hell with you!


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17 responses to ““You can all go to hell…I’m going to Texas”

  1. First, Your words:
    “Political Correctness police up your ass saying that you must treat whatever prisoners you hold better than the criminals that you have in your own country, or for that matter, better than the people in your own country.”

    And now mine:
    It’s not ‘political correctness’ that mandates we treat prisoners of war a certain way, but the Geneva Convention, and a law we call ‘Due Process’. As a military man, you may have heard of it. If not, look it up. Perhaps someone in your division can enlighten you.

    Moreover, it’s not ‘political correctness’ that’s losing the war in Iraq, it’s the fact that we never should have gone to Iraq in the first place. Was Iraq the cause of 9/11? No, it wasn’t. Why are we there? Because the President says we oughta go. Well, now we can all look back at how well that’s going.

    • Bob Andrews

      The Geneva Convention protects only uniformed soldiers of countries that signed it.
      Due process is guaranteed to Americans and guests in this country to whom we have extended due process. Read the preamble to the Constitution. We The People…. to ensure the blessings of Liberty to OURSELVES and our POSTERITY do ordain and establish…. The Constitution is the law of the land. It was never meant to be extended to the entire world.

  2. My words to you, prisoners of war are not “entitled”(I love what your party has done to my country-now even prisoners have entitlement mentality) at any rate prisoners are NOT entitled to due process of law. That is an American Right.
    My words again, we’re losing the Iraq war? Really? Did you kow that 87% of Iraq is controlled by Iraqi’s and not the US. US forces are more babysitters than anything over there. The convention is political correctness. We are not allowed under the convention to fire upon a religious structure- insurgent snipers and mobs like to hide in Mosque’s and fire at US forces from them. In cases like these the convention gets my men killed- and for what to be politically correct.
    Iraq- it was never said by anyone that Iraq caused or was directly linked to the attacks of 9 11. It was however said that the US would go out and find terrorist where ever they were hiding and capture or kill them. It did not say the US was going to go out and find only the 9 11 terrorist. ALL terrorist and their supporters, Iraq was a sponsor of terror through its head terrorist Saddam Hussein, whom I will remind you is responsible fpor the deaths over almost 2 million people, another 4 and we could say he was bad like Hitler.

  3. HI DB

  4. Hey Mick- send me an email. I’d like to tell you a story about the scout sniper team I was with from Nov 2005 thru Nov 2006 in the last real fight in Iraq, RAMADI. As a combat medic I was 1 of 2 guys that pulled Monsor from the bradley that he and 2 others were in. Anyway email.

    dbreese.wordpress at yahoo

    DB Reese

  5. tom

    I couldn’t agree with you more DB. My friend and I were discussing this bullshit policy just now and I searched for the exact phrase David Crockett said. Anyway all out war is what we need, Dems need to shut the hell up and let the military do its job. Thanks for your service to this great country.

  6. Dennis

    Amen brother, amen

  7. John

    We need to fight wars the way we did before Korea. Total defeat of the enemy, Period!

  8. Chris Byrd

    I could not agree more espically with the media i have never been to war cause im 16 but i am forever greatful for the people who have risked thier lives to protect us(The USA)

  9. Michael A. Harris

    I agree man, the democratic party has their head up their incredibly large ass. The systym is broke, beyond fixing we the people need to stand up and say enough is enough!!! War is like chess, but those in charge now a days treat it more like a game of checkers. The public is so far up the ass of Charlie Sheen that they dont realize whats really going on, some people have even forgotten that we still have boots on the ground in Iraq and Afganistan. Lybia and Egypt havent helped matters either, and the shit is hittin the fan in Saudi Arabia. It’s only a matter of time before Israel falls, and they are our only real friend in the middle east. We are witnessing a charlie foxtrot of epic proportions, and the strangest of days are yet to come.

  10. Matt

    Hey there,
    Was looking around for the Crockett quote, and found you on the top of the list. First of all, thank you for doing your job, which is like police, EMS, or firefighters in my book, just more so when it comes to the military. I come from all of the above in my family, and the “hero worship” from the public comes and goes, but regardless of whether you are being idolized that day, you still have to do your job correctly. So you won’t be hearing from me that you are a “hero”, but I do have much respect for you and yours.
    As far as the situation in the MidEast goes…I’m not there, and I’ve learned to not trust any of what the media says during times like this…it’s something my Grandfather, who was in Korea, taught me. I do have my opinions, some of them coincide with yours…some probably don’t, as everyone has their “armchair general” moments, but I do agree that if the military was allowed to do their job, things would be a lot different.
    I for one am getting tired of all of the politicians…Dem and Rep and everything else inbetween…they are all at fault in some way or another…When I was asked my thoughts on our current president, I simply said, “He’s a career politician, just like the rest of them…how are things going to change if nothing changes?”
    Anyway, hope all is well for you, and if you aren’t back yet, be as safe as you can, and if you are back, welcome home..

  11. Good words brother, it takes the aware to enlighten us to the treason perpetrated by the Democratic Socialist Party here in the states. Geneva Conventions are intended to stop the mistreatment of foreign combatants, not of terrorists. Terrorists are in violations of crime against humanity and the conventions do only apply between the consenting nations who signed it. Since the terrorists are islamists and there is no delegate for even state-sponsored terrorism in the UN its safe to say they are exempt from any mandate for the treatment as “Prisoners or War”. During the Kennedy-started Vietnam War, it was policy to execute Viet-Cong because they were socialist terrorists and not an organized army. We are a sovereign nation governed by our laws, and our history of treatment of foreign POW’s made the creation of the Geneva Conventions to protect OUR prisoners from hostile governments ( ie. Empire of Japan during WWII). American Prisoners are more subject to mistreatment, torture and execution by foreign powers because of what our nation represents. Historically speaking, terrorist love to capture americans and use them for political leverage. During the Gulf War, I remember the Iraqi military parading a crashed bomber pilot around for political gain. We need to stop letting these monsters victimize themselves because WE were the victims of 9-11, and we are allowed to say so. And the politicians in this country are callow children, and treasonous bastards only interested in destroying american exceptionalism at home so that we can be easily oppressed. Stop funding the UN, and stop sending foreign aid to other countries. Si vis pacem para bellum.

  12. Marcie

    DB, you’re a god. Thank you for giving truth a voice. And thank you for your service, sir.

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  15. Robert Eule

    First, a history lesson. Since WW2 and the reconstruction of the modern world. We have done the following things, rebuild Japan, rebuild Germany and give both countries aid after the horrific conflict. Lend/Lease program has not been paid back by Great Britain, nor any other sovereign nation that we lent any support in WW2. While WW2 galvanized our nation, and lent it focus, it never kept its eye on the economic ratification’s that would follow the war. The standard was fixed at 40.00 an ounce for gold before WW2 hit and the hell that followed. When gold was pulled out of private citizen’s hand’s, and pulled back into the government’s. It opened Pandora’s box. The creation of the Federal Reserve. The power’s that were given to elective official’s. Now money, the form of currency we hold and trade is based on speculation and mirror’s. Our economic system is based on lies and deceit. The only reason we deal with the Middle East is for oil. The only reason gold has been put back into private citizen’s hand’s is because of the tremendous fallout from not doing so, as well as gun’s etc. An audit of Fort Knox will never happen, i firmly believe the nations assets are gone.

  16. Bill Anderson

    DB, I am also a Vietnam vet. These liberals are leftover chickenshits from the Vietnam era. They ran into Canada to avoid the draft and were eventually given amnesty to come back home. I believe that it is time for us to seriously consider succession. Not only would Texas benefit, but I believe that a lot of down south states would join us. I am sick of the liberals telling us that we have to support abortion, cannot have the ten commandments in our courtrooms, cannot say prayers in public, especially at football games, and cannot express a belief in Christianity. It is time for all Texans to stand up and be counted and say we are not going to take it anymore. Thanks for this forum,

    Bill Anderson

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