Your Independence Day too!

DB Rhys

The Fourth of July;

The holiday that is only celebrated by, and created for- we the people, who came together to form a more perfect union regardless of race, gender, or religious beliefs. The Fourth represents for us that we are a people who wish to be free. It represents that we do not care what control you think you have over us. It says to the world over that we are a people who will stand up for what we believe to be right. It says that we will die and have died to throw off the chains of tyranny. It symbolizes, nay, it epitomizes the spirit of a youthful country full of rebels, full of self assuredness, full of self worth and self aggrandizing.

Hey I am all about the spirit of America. Today is a glorious day. Today though is a day that has for to long been taken for granted. We forget to easily the sacrifices made by those brave few that came before us who had the audacity to stand up and demand freedom. Our forefathers deserve their pedestals in which they now reside.

The Fourth of July- a day off from work, a day full of backyard parties and fireworks, a day to relax and bask in the glory that is your Independence. Enjoy it, and as you do try something this year- raise a toast to the men that afforded you this day. Men like Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine who furthered the cause through their writings. Men like George Washington who furthered the cause through fighting. Men like the ones who have died in recent years to help spread the cause that is freedom to the world where others would rather have them suffer in religious and political oppression. Too many have voiced their disdain for the wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. To those people I would say that had it not been for another county helping us during our time of need that the Fourth of July would be just another day on the calendar of our lives.

It is our responsibility as Americans to carry our head high this day. To show the world that we are still a country for and by the people and we still do not recognize the authority that you think you have over us. It is our right to not be ashamed to be proud of our country. Tell the world we know that you wish you to could have a piece of our Fourth of July- but you can’t. Not yet. And still the lady, “the mother of exiles”, stands tall with torch in hand saying give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses who wish to breathe free.

Out of many comes one, and as one we say to the world today is OUR Independence Day. Political Blogger Alliance


5 thoughts on “Your Independence Day too!

  1. Lance Droy says:

    Hey man, like the blog.

    I think the fourth of July is a great symbol of everything that is good about western society.

    Ive recently started a blog (look to my URL) along kind of the same lines, looking at society and not being afraid to comment.

    Maybe we could trade links? do a bit of mutual commenting?

    Send me an email or comment on one of my posts.

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