Obama a Dictator?

DB ReeSe
So I got to tell you, I’m tired of the conservatives saying that Barrack if elected will disband congress and become a dictator.
Quite frankly he is already acting as if he were one. But, if you think that he is dumb enough to make it blatant by disbanding the legislature then you’re retarded.
He may think he’s a little Chavez but he knows damn good and well that if he were to try anything as asinine as that, the people would stand up and rebel.
Additionally, its an insult from the republican talk pieces to honestly think people in the military would EVER do his evil bidding! Would not ever happen! In the 90’s they asked the military via a poll if they would support the UN’s directives even if it meant hurting the US people, the surveyors were told to fuck off! We wouldn’t do it!
Same thing will happen if Barrack orders guns turned inward- fuck off!

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