The Confederate Flag

DB ReeSe

Dateline: 29 June 2015, The USA.

155 years ago America was a divided country. It was so divided, about many different things – slavery being the largest, that it went to war with itself. It drew a line in the dirt and said this region is the north, and this region is the south. The south called themselves a confederated group of states, the Confederate States of America. The north decided to keep the original name, the United States of America.

Both of these two regions were now whole and separate countries, each with their countries own flags, their versions of the red white and blue, fighting a war.

The question is not whether the war was right just or wrong. Slavery is abhorrent and should be destroyed whenever it is found, then and now. Now, we’re not doing such a hot job at ending slavery though. It still happens today in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, but it’s not in the Americas anymore so now we can forget about it.

We can tear down reminders that it happened here, horrible as it was. We can erase it from the history books and pretend it never happened. We can strip a region of it’s identity and say they never existed, no rights, eradicated like some tried to do to the Jews during World War 2, another just and needed war. Or 2,500 years before that, in Africa, the birth place of slavery, and the site of some of the most wondrous things on the planet.

The pyramids are famous now as a testament to man’s ingenuity and determination, and to the amazing feats that slaves were forced to accomplish. Asia has the The Great Wall, another marvel slaves built. We should have as much pride in their perseverance, as we are troubled by the unbelievable super human suffering, and the lasting impressions they have left for us all these years later.

The greatest marvel, to me, is that of The United States of America, bias opinion I know. But a country that would not exist like we know it today had it not been for the efforts and suffering of slaves, a majority of them in the south region. A region that had a flag that it was identified by, its own Stars and Stripes, the Stars and Bars. Bars because they’re strong and can build a country, a lasting country. And they did, on the backs of slaves, for about 150 years.

But those men are now dead and gone, and so is their mentality. And thank God too, because that mentality was wrong. It was Hitler kind of wrong, and now we’re through with it, over here that is, in America. A country that rose to greatness, the greatest Greatness the world has ever seen. Today’s technology, yesterday’s industrial revolution, the agriculture that truly does feed the world still to this day, all of it, in no small part thanks to slaves. A reminder of things a great people can do.

And you want to do what exactly with the flag that reminds us where these second founding fathers lived, tear it down? You want to forget how the United States became great? You want to exclude Americans who’s heritage, who’s roots, who’s histories you don’t like. That’s racist, and bigoted, and I thought the whole point here was that – we’ve moved on from that kind of nonsense mentality.

Maybe we should concentrate our efforts on making sure Africa, Asia and the Middle East start to take the ending of slavery serious, or don’t you have the guts to stand up for something real?

And while you’re deciding if you want to end slavery over there, leave the damn flag alone over here. It’s not a symbol of hate to me, but of greatness and how far we’ve come as an enlightened people, no matter what color of skin we have. And I won’t be shamed into feeling any other way about it.

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Obama a Dictator?

DB ReeSe
So I got to tell you, I’m tired of the conservatives saying that Barrack if elected will disband congress and become a dictator.
Quite frankly he is already acting as if he were one. But, if you think that he is dumb enough to make it blatant by disbanding the legislature then you’re retarded.
He may think he’s a little Chavez but he knows damn good and well that if he were to try anything as asinine as that, the people would stand up and rebel.
Additionally, its an insult from the republican talk pieces to honestly think people in the military would EVER do his evil bidding! Would not ever happen! In the 90’s they asked the military via a poll if they would support the UN’s directives even if it meant hurting the US people, the surveyors were told to fuck off! We wouldn’t do it!
Same thing will happen if Barrack orders guns turned inward- fuck off!

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Mobs verses Rallies.

DB Reese:

I have said in the past that there is a storm coming. Look around, the waves are growing larger daily.

Tea Party verses the “occupy Wall Street”. Both groups are ‘mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore’. The ideological beliefs have drawn the line in the sand and illustrates the biggest differences between the two- as well as the telling story of who is supporting who and who is financially backing who…follow the money train people.

Some will say they are both the same. My question would be, are they really? They are in the aspect that they are both protesting against corruption. Unfortunately the left only can see the corruption at the corporate level and not at the political level which enabled the corruption in the first place. The right can only see the political corruption and not the creative accounting corruption of the corporations.

Some on the left have knowingly lied stating that Tea Party members where racist bigots, while others on the right have claimed that the occupy movement are nothing but a bunch of pot smoking wanna be hippy tree huggers who were being backed by the unions.

I tend to agree with the latter on this. The occupy movement has financial backing by the unions that the Tea Party never had, which would cause a normal joe to stop and ponder ‘what is really going on?’

To quote Milli Vanilli ‘Blame it on the rain’. Some will always follow and some will think for themselves, who do you think is doing what?


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Political, Apethy and Deceit

 DB Reese

I’ve been hanging back more than I should, just kind of been waiting to see where I thought that things would head off to. I’ve actually wrote some other articles but decided against posting them. Politics, damn isn’t it a blast?

You get to see some dirty laundry aired from the outgoing administration as well as the candidates- supposedly. It seems that going to war in two different countries at the same time was a bad thing if you’re trying to track down one man on the planet that doesn’t wan to be found. Let’s talk about that for a second. There is a phrase that pretty much says “for the greater good”. Is it the greater good of America to track down a thug, giving him “street credit” and a stage on which he can continue to perpetuate his ideological insane beliefs? Or was it in the greater good to try and fix the system of which he was a product of? I know, I know- some of you are saying we didn’t go to war to try and fix anything. We went to war for avenging our Sept 11th attack and to try and find WMDs. Trillions of dollars and thousands of ideologs from the region dead later, what do you think? Is it avenged yet?

The best thing about our society, that just really pisses liberals off, is the ability to move forward. We have the ability when we think for ourselves to think above the level of politicians and the political reasons that they try to continually screw us over. “America First” should be our motto. Politicians in the international realm remind me of fake charity. Ah look at all the helpless people that we need to save. Having said that, there is a point when charity turns into an intentional oppressive act. “Keeping the man down” If a man has a fishing pole but you are constantly giving him fish is he really going to go fishing? We have set both countries up for success, if they chose to sit on their asses and not take control over their crap then I say, oh well we tried to help them, they were just to stupid to want to have it fixed. And its not that they’re to stupid, but its hard work that needs to be done by them and their just not up for doing the work.

The candidates made it a point to do a little camera thing together for “honoring” 9/11. Once again using the memory of what happened on that stunningly horrific day to gain favor with potentially stupid voters who would be influenced by such a contrite act. It really is disgusting, and if nothing else it spotlights, for me, the type of character these two actually have and the lengths that they will go to get elected.

So here we are 7 years later and where are we on the war front in both Iraq and Afghanistan? We have ran our course as far as the fight will let us without flagrantly ignoring basic human decency. We have beat the crap out of everyone who decided that would try and take a swing. We have helped the people get their own governments in and yet instead of sprinting forward they are standing around mulling over the idea of freedom of choice. They are standing around with their collectives hands still out waiting for manna to miraculously fall into their pockets. Corruption in man has infiltrated their ranks in government and put in jeopardy the progress of these two nations. And, continues to remain in place because of the political correctness of not being allowed to call them on it without it being considered “insulting” the entire Muslim community. God forbid we insult a Muslim. But hey, let’s stick around and watch it and do nothing about because it’s not our place to make unrealistic demands of pride in one’s self honor.

And there we are back to honor; this conversation has gone in a circle. Let’s close the loop. It was honorable, in my opinion for the Bush Administration to come in and say The American people deserve and expect us to act, after 9/11. It was even more honorable to try and clean up the streets, educate, feed, and rebuild – no not rebuild that’s not accurate, to build, nations that were and are and will remain third and forth world until they put themselves in check and demand from there own people what they are trying to demand of us, much in the same way we need to demand, because we deserve it, honesty and integrity in our own elected or soon to be elected officials. It is the best way to honor those who have fallen in and for America.




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Your Independence Day too!

DB Reese

The Fourth of July

The holiday that is only celebrated by, and created for- we the people, who came together to form a more perfect union regardless of race, gender, or religious beliefs. The Fourth represents for us that we are a people who wish to be free. It represents that we do not care what control you think you have over us. It says to the world over that we are a people who will stand up for what we believe to be right. It says that we will die and have died to throw off the chains of tyranny. It symbolizes, nay, it epitomizes the spirit of a youthful country full of rebels, full of self assuredness, full of self worth and self aggrandizing.

Hey I am all about the spirit of America. Today is a glorious day. Today though is a day that has for to long been taken for granted. We forget to easily the sacrifices made by those brave few that came before us who had the audacity to stand up and demand freedom. Our forefathers deserve their pedestals in which they now reside.

The Fourth of July- a day off from work, a day full of backyard parties and fireworks, a day to relax and bask in the glory that is your Independence. Enjoy it, and as you do try something this year- raise a toast to the men that afforded you this day. Men like Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine who furthered the cause through their writings. Men like George Washington who furthered the cause through fighting. Men like the ones who have died in recent years to help spread the cause that is freedom to the world where others would rather have them suffer in religious and political oppression. Too many have voiced their disdain for the wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. To those people I would say that had it not been for another county helping us during our time of need that the Fourth of July would be just another day on the calendar of our lives.

It is our responsibility as Americans to carry our head high this day. To show the world that we are still a country for and by the people and we still do not recognize the authority that you think you have over us. It is our right to not be ashamed to be proud of our country. Tell the world we know that you wish you to could have a piece of our Fourth of July- but you can’t. Not yet. And still the lady, “the mother of exiles”, stands tall with torch in hand saying give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses who wish to breathe free.

Out of many comes one, and as one we say to the world today is OUR Independence Day. Political Blogger Alliance


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American Dream

 DB Reese


I can get pretty wordy sometimes. Sometimes I can sit down and type and type and know that when I am done, things will seem to make sense to me. Today I thought that I would sit down and write something that should be a simple topic for me to talk about. But as I started to type it became clear to me that this would not be some simple little two paragraph topic solution, nor would it be something that I could just sit down and write. A previous comment left on this site left my mind to wander. It left me with a sense of obligation, a sense to admit that I have been off the “mark” so to speak. The comment (paraphrased) saying that Americans are ignorant and lazy when in fact they are disheartened by their efforts being continually undermined was off the mark. A comment I absolutely agree with. Disheartened, disenfranchised, disrespected, disowned, disavowed, unwelcome, unwanted……..the list goes on, put your own emotion in there.


Get to it DB!

The blessings of my job are vast. One of the biggest is the diversity of Americans that I get to work beside on a daily basis. From old to young, black, white, yellow, orange, northern, southern, west coasters, east coasters, middle easterners, mid westerners, Chinese, Japanese, Phillipino, Russian, Turkish. You name it and I’ve been lucky enough to serve with them. A lot of the things I do or thoughts that permeate through my head come from conversations and discussions/debates that we frequently have. Talks about life in America. Talks about growing up in some nowhere named town off some unknown highway. Where we came from, where we’re going.

Evolution changes by its very definition. As time goes by so do we.

The first implant immigrants to America were searching for the original “American Dream”- a dream which has eluded so many before and since – freedom. Freedom from persecution, tyranny, state ran religion, lack of representation, TAXATION! They wanted a better life for their kids than what they had (what we still strive for as parents), and they wanted the choice of finding that life. That dream dared dreamt by those before us has all but been transmuted into something that can not even begin to be related to the same thing. Personal freedoms are still left wanting.

What is the American Dream today? American Idol? Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes? Powerball? Football contract for 64 million dollars? Movie stardom? My last article was titled “All About The Benny’s” – is that the American Dream? Money? Is that what we are reduced to? Everyone wants to be The Rollingstones, Elvis Presley. No one grows up anymore and says “I want to be an astronaut”. Why? Is it because we have already been there done that? Does it have to do with the explorers in all of us? We have to keep trying to conquer new mountains, reach new heights.

There are many things that have changed. Technology makes our lives more “convenient”. Laws upon laws that were enacted to help protect us from everyone else in our world including ourselves. Are the changes the cause of the happenings of life now as we know it, still in search for our very own little American Dream? Who can we blame? We got to blame someone. Is it Hollywood? Find those responsible and let’s put them behind bars!!! Oh but wait, we can’t do that can we? We are all guilty.

We have came along way from the days of the dream being a white picket fenced house, car, and good job, maybe a TV to watch Ed Sullivan on. Gathering around the radio as a family listening to Flash Gordon. Checkers on the porch with Grandpa. Baking peach cobbler with Grandma on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We’ve came a long way from trust. Trust of our government. Trust of our neighbors. Trust of our kids. Look around, take a long serious look around you in your own little corner of the world. Do you recognize where you are? Do you recognize who the hell you are anymore? Who is that person in the mirror? It’s not me.

This is an election year in America. It’s a freedom that in itself is a dream for so many across our globe that do not have it and dream some day they will. A freedom that should be embraced. A freedom that should be taken seriously and not made into talking points for ratings in search for the ever illusive dollar; a dollar that we are basing our candidates on. Just look at the headlines, Obama and his money, McCain and his money. I mean is it really come down to something as contrite as that? Decide which dude has your values, neither? Then it is your responsibility to demand more. You’ve missed the boat this time round haven’t you? Well here’s to hoping that next time people aren’t so freaking dis’d that they forget to realize their part of the dream. That some day we will, all of us, be………


What’s your American Dream?


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All about the Benny’s


DB Reese


Two topics that I would like to touch on today are the financing of popularity contests and the fact that no matter what congress does they never seem to get their hands dirty.


You might be asking WTF?


Yeah me too.


Obama decides that he doesn’t want to use public funds for the general election. I say that’s God damned about time that the US tax payer quit being used. However, that is not the reason that he doesn’t want the cash. What does the man say? “The current use of public funds is broke” translation- the people don’t give me as much money as I want. It’s simple for all of you who do pay attention to the, what’s going on in politics and campaign laws. Obama knows that acceptance of public instead of private funds limits the amount of money he can spend. And, brothers and sisters the man knows he needs to spend a fortune to buy this election.


My personal opinion, in case you didn’t catch it is- let the parties, with all their donors, supporters, big wig money men (and women) pay for the election cost and NOT the American tax payer’s piggy bank. But hey, that would be the right thing to do, and the right thing to do doesn’t ever sell papers. I’ve talked before about you and your ability to vote someone into office that you want, and not want the establishment wants- it will never happen. You’re the little worm on the big hook dangling in the vast ocean that is life in America. You do what you are told when you are told, and at the end of the day you might be allowed to have a descent nights sleep. That is of course if you can sleep with all the worrying you will be doing. Bill collectors, gas prices, school supplies, insurance for this that and the other thing, heating bills, cooling bills, food prices that make 1990 Russia look cheap. Then let’s not forget the tax bill that you have to pay all so some egomaniacal self centered pompous assed piece of shit can participate in a freaking popularity contest- with your best interest in mind of course.


Enough about that- elections are a joke nowadays anyway.


Congress, congress, congress. I shake my head at you. If I could I would shake something else. You’re an embarrassment, I am ashamed of you every single time I see that you are in the news. I know it can’t be good. How many lives have you bastards (and bitches) destroyed? How many reputations have you taken a crap on?


You know congress wields the most power in the country, yet accepts the responsibility for nothing that happens (negatively) in the country. To congress it is always someone else’s’ fault. “What do you mean your taxes are too high? Oh that’s the other guys fault, he signed the bill. Blame him not me, I only wrote the bill.”


Grass root movements need to happen all over the country. A moratorium on idiots. You should have a solid IQ before being elected, furthermore I submit to you this, public service from all walks of life should have a term limit. Senators for life kind of crap has got to go.


There is an old saying in politics when it comes to the when where and why’s of anything- Follow the Money.


Test out your prophecy skills; what is in the news now in regard to congress. What will you see happen in the next 6 months? Do you know? I do, bet you do too if you really think about it. Speaking of the news- I’m dogging those jack asses next time.


Demand more responsibility or be damned. Folks you are tomorrow not these wanna be politicians who are demanding to be elected. Show them who the real bosses are.





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